Orange County Hair Transplant – Modena Hair Institute offers the latest in hair restoration technology including FUE and Strip Hair Transplant Surgery.

Dr. Yazdan is trained in the latest methods and technology in hair transplant procedures. He has successfully performed over 1 million follicular unit graft extractions (FUE) and has harvested over 2 million follicular unit transplantation (FUT) hair grafts.

Every patient is seen by the Dr. Yazdan in his Orange County office where a hair and scalp analysis is performed with a sophisticated digital folliscope system so your hair restoration needs can fully be discussed.

My overall experience with the procedure was outstanding.I had an FUE procedure with 1,200 grafts. I got the expected results and then some. I’m a big fan of Dr. Yazdan’s work. I wouldn’t let anyone else work on me. I’m lucky I found him!
Frederick JLos Angeles, CA